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6 Best Android Games to Download in 2019

Throughout 2019, you will find many video games to release in various platforms starting from PS4 console, PC desktop, to the mobile devices like Smartphone and tablet. Out of those games, there are some of them that are the best, really popular, and predicted to be hunted by the gamers. So, what are the best games 2019 to be played on Android? Here is the list.

Assassin’s Creed Rebellion

Assassin’s Creed Rebellion offers the combination of the game strategy and RPG elements. Based on that fact, it is not exaggerating to say that the game is considered the most awaited adventurous Android game in 2019. With the setting in Spain, the featured game from Ubisoft gives you a position as a team leader of a killer group. The group is namely the Assassin Brotherhood.

As a leader, you have some accesses to control and establish new rooms in your fortress. Besides, you can also create new tools and medicines important to do all of the missions given. There are more than 40 team characters to choose and train. So, are you ready to download and enjoy the game?

Project Cars GO

If you love the racing game so much, the game is now available in the Android version. Yes, previously, you probably can only play it on the PC or console. The game itself is claimed to have been in demands for up to 2 million copies around the world. So, it is reasonable if you can enjoy it on your Smartphone next year.

Some features are predicted to be available in Project Cars GO on Android. There are various options of customization for the cars in term of the design and performance. Well, there is still no news regarding the exact date when the game will be released. Something which is sure, the game developed by Slightly Mad Studios may spoil you, the racing game lovers.


Initially, the game is launched only for the iOS Smartphone but then, it has many positive responses. That’s why; the developers are interested to develop the Android version of Oddmar. So, what does Oddmar tell about? The protagonist character is a lazy Viking man named Oddmar. He has a mission to burn down the forest for the reputation of his tribe.

In the game, it is said that there are a total of 24 levels full of obstacles and traps. Quite similar to the game of Mario Bross, Oddmar is able to get some special skills if he collects the mushrooms. Unfortunately, the release date has not been known yet.

Harry Potter: Wizard Unite

Harry Potter is not only selling well in the forms of book and movie. Even the game has many enthusiasts proven by the success of Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery which is available on Android. Well, the second series is still in the process now but the developer is so sure that it can be enjoyed in 2019. Yes, Niantic Labs, the developer that also developed Pokemon Go and Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, promises that Harry Potter: Wizard Unite will give you a fascinating game playing interactively.

The gamers may learn about various spells and explore the environment around to fight the legendary magical creatures. You can even be stronger by creating a team along with the other players.

The Elder Scrolls: Blades

Do you like a kind of role-playing games? It seems that the Blades series from the Elder Scroll must be in your Smartphone starting from next year. In the game, you will be one of the Blades members that are abandoned from their hometown. So, what you need to do is being one of them and trying to back home by winning over the enemies.

To win the battle, there are some tasks to do; they are collecting friends, weapons, armors, and more. It feels like you are really in the game as the game graphics is indeed stunning and realistic. Slightly, it equals with the quality of console games.


Levelhead is one of the cross-platform games compatible not only on Android but also PC and console. You can continue to play the game on another device without changing the level that you have achieved. It is predicted that the game will be released on November 2019.
What makes Levelhead special is the ability for you to create your own level. Besides, you can also choose some other game elements like the enemies, routes, obstacles, and more. The game can be played for single player and multiplayer with the maximum players of 4 people.