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Instagram Marketing Tips for Photographers

As we all know Instagram is the world most used photo and video sharing social networking app with over 1 billion plus active monthly users. Instagram is not only limited for Individuals anymore it is now one of the most powerful marketing tools for Marketers and businesses as well. Instagram is a vast world for photographers and photo editors. As we all know that photography is used all over the world for centuries. Nowadays people use their mobile phone cameras but still, there is a need for a photographer in every field. Instagram is giving a platform to photographers of every field. In old times, Photography was really hard and expensive. You have to be committed to it. Also, you have to spend a lot of money on photography like spending money on prints, rolls and developing slides. But nowadays mobile phones have taken the place of cameras. Now you can take pictures of high quality with your mobile phones. Also who are professional photographers, they take photographs with the help of digital cameras which is much more cheaper than old methods of photography.

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There are so many Instagram For Business Tips for photographers to become successful on Instagram. In this, Article I will share with you Instagram Marketing tips for Photographers.

1- Keep your Bio Simple and Tidy:

For photographers to do their business on large scale, Instagram is the right option. So first of all, keep your bio simple and strong. Your name should be clearly mentioned in your bio. Three things which will be first of all seen by users, your name, your location and your description of your work. So keep these things to the point. Secondly, you have to show your clear profile picture. It’s good that your profile picture would be yours. So that people can approach you by seeing your photo. If you worked for a brand and can design a logo then go ahead and make it your profile picture. In your description, you should clearly mention about your previous work shortly and also your specialty like you are a landscape photographer, a photo Journalist, a family photographer, a medical photographer or you are all of these categories. Your email address and contact number should be clearly mentioned in your profile.The name of your city and your clear address should be mentioned so that people can meet you if they want.

2- Use the Quality Hashtags:

There are some traditional hashtags like #photography, #photos, #photographer which are using on regular basis. Instead these hashtags are not working at all because these are using too much and you will not be noticed by using these usual hashtags. You should use the quality niche hashtags. Your hashtags should be unique related to the post. You can also search for new quality hashtags with different online tools as well.  Search hashtags which will be unique and particular to your post. In turn, the number of Instagram likes will be increased by using these quality hashtags.

3- Use Instagram Stories to share Backstage Photos:

Every photographer has its own style of depicting clear picture of the things. A great way to increase the number of likes and number of followers on Instagram is through Instagram Stories. Usually photographers share the backstage photos and daily work photos with the audience. Through these photos, the photographers become more popular on Instagram. Also through these Instagram stories, people become their customers and business of these photographers will increase when they hire them.

4- Bring Others into Conversation:

You can bring others into the conversation by meeting new people and shooting with them. By this you can create a community and bring the related people that discuss you and your profile. As a result, You friend circle will increase. When you start taking photos with the local people then they will also join you on Instagram, so that your followers will increase.

5- Build a Community:

By building a community will favor you much in the future. You can build a community by finding the photographers you like and respect. Just follow these known photographers and like their posts. Then leave a thoughtful comment to their posts. Also when you post your quality photos on your profile, then these photographers will approach you and share your work with other famous people. What I can say that you are known to a lot of people. Thus your business will be increased. Also these photographers can hire you to work with them and no doubt it is a great opportunity. But keep these things in mind that it is a time taking process to build a community Moon Lamp.

Final Words:

As Instagram is giving the floor to a large number of photographers of every field whether he is a family photographer, an animal photographer or adventurous photographer. Through Instagram, a photographer can increase their community level and also the business. You can increase your number of followers on Instagram and also can convey positive messages through your high-quality pictures.