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The Robotics Technology – 3 Things to Keep an Eye On

Nowadays many tasks of humans have been taken by robots and artificial intelligence. Most robots have artificial intelligence installed in their system especially if the tasks require human senses. It is also proof that the combination of robotics and artificial intelligence could raise the potential to change the entire world. Some people take this thing as a threat. But, are they actually the threat? Do humans become such a weak creature?

But it is true that if in the future the robotics and artificial intelligence take the world then human races would reach its end without knowing it. However, the presence of robots and artificial intelligence is really helpful in the working sectors that involve hazardous areas and doing boring repetitive tasks over and over. So, in this article, we are going to reveal three things that you must keep your eyes on. It is highly related to the trends that keep happening since several recent years back. Check this out.

Types of collaborative and industrial learning

The ability of any robot is definitely directly related to the overall capability of its own. There are currently three main types of learning in robotics. It involves reinforcement learning, unsupervised learning, and supervised learning. Each type has various ranges of complexity. However, the main purposes are always the same in all methods of learning after all.

The supervised learning is about the recognition of patterns. This feeds the robot with data and later the instructor will run some tests on the robots. Unsupervised learning has no specific task. It will give the robots a huge amount of data and it hopefully could understand the environment around the robot. Meanwhile, reinforcement learning gives the robot a purpose and a goal. Later, the robot will learn how to get through the goal by itself. As we have mentioned earlier, those three types of learning have the same purpose: teach the robots with the purpose of their life.

Three trends to watch in robotics

Stories and movies give us so many futuristic scenarios. And in real life, those scenarios are always possible with the presence of artificial intelligence and robotics technology. Even nowadays, there are so many things that are considered as a threat instead of a blessing. According to evidence and facts, here are the three things you much watch since it could cause a massive change in this world in the future.

Robot training becomes much easier since artificial intelligence becomes a thing. It makes robots as a viable investment even in small companies. Those can reduce the installation cost as well as training and programming bills. Robots like Sawyer and Baxter produced by Rethink Robotics can be easily trained by moving and guiding their hands several times. They learn from motions program and demonstration. Since robot can easily learn anything, they can master so many things.

The next thing is a 3D vision. 3D vision makes the simplest yet most boring tasks can be done by the robots. It definitely depends on the 3D machine vision installed in its system along with artificial intelligence technology. Some boring tasks can be done easily without determining the locations in the first place as long as its 3D vision machine has been programmed. On the other hand, artificial intelligence technology will translate any visual information into a specific action on the robot’s part.

Cloud robotics technology allows robots to do deep learning by using the classification of images and speech recognition. It basically relies on a ton of datasets that contain millions of examples. Artificial intelligence needs more data than its realistic ability to stay in most the local systems. By that, the development in cloud robotics is very necessary in order to get the more advanced of artificial intelligence and technology in robotics. Cloud robotics will allow the intelligence to be shared to the all robots in the same connected environment.


So, artificial intelligence has a huge potential when there is a need to improve the robotics technologies, which definitely would be needed from time to time. As we have mentioned earlier, robot training, cloud robotics, and 3D vision are the main three things that become a trend until today. And those things are needed for the development of AI and robotic technology.

It does not matter the main purpose of the robot, no matter it is for collaborative or industrial applications. Also, artificial intelligence technology has a big potential to improve the performance of robotics in both inside and outside the factories around the world.