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Robotic Breakthrough in 2018

In this modern era, the use of AI and robots is becoming more and more often. You could see that many human jobs are substituted by the presence of a robot. This is why the robotic breakthrough is an important thing for humanity to make everything more convenient and easy. Here is some breakthrough in robotics that is done or completed in 2018.

The robotic suitcase

Imagine if you have a robotic suitcase. You don’t have to pull it all the way with that much effort, especially if your baggage if quite heavy. This breakthrough is also made because there are many people who lost their baggage at the airport. With a face recognition and an AI that can follow the owner, the ForwardX CX-1 is an AI suitcase that will make your baggage easier to carry everywhere. Aside from recognizing the owner and follow him/her, this suitcase can also scan the area in front of him and avoid obstacles. In addition, this suitcase is secure enough, thanks to its anti-theft features.

The Robomart

Nowadays, we could see that there are many groceries or convenience stores on the street. But, what if you want to buy something in a closed public space where there is no available convenience store? The Robomart is the answer to that problem. This AI-powered robot looks like a small container that brings several types of groceries, fruits, and vegetables. This robot can be summoned into your location through an application. Although the company who made the robot says that the patent is still pending, some tests are already running in CA to ensure the availability of this robot in the near future.

Sleeping robot

It sounds creepy and a little bit useless but this sleeping robot can help you to fall asleep easier and faster. The robot will act as a human replacer so that the owner can feel there is somebody other than him/herself when on the bed. This robot is called Somnox, which can mimics a human habit to breath when sleeping. This comfortable robot is designed so that the owner can hold or hug it. You can set a variety of breathing motions that suit with your preference. The main function of this robot is to regulate the owner’s breathing to be more relaxed and help them fall asleep faster because of natural breathing.

The stripper robot

This creepy robot has a shape of a raw frame with CCTV camera heads. This robot is not designed by a tech company. A British artist named Giles Walker is the man that works with robots and create the stripper robot. If the development of this robot continues, there will be fewer prostitutes in the street and help to reduce the HIV/AIDs greatly. But, it requires a lot of time and effort so it is impossible to make it happen in the near future. Although the first idea is to make the robot to act like a stripper, in the future, we could see that the function of the robot can be altered into something more beneficial such as a robot who can dance and creating money because of the performance.

Service robot by LG

The Korean electronics company, LG released their first service robot during the tech and gadget expo called CES in 2018. During the event, LG also launched several beautiful televisions and one of them include a roll-able number. As for the service robot, the LG created this so that it can be used as a service robot used in public spaces such as restaurants, hotels, and airport lounges to deliver various things such as pamphlet and food to people who order it. If the service robot is mass produced by LG, once they have the patent of this product, we could see that the company will grow greater and the market will become more competitive because the demand of the robot will be higher. This also results in robot manufacturers that will create a similar robot.

Aibo the robot dog from Sony

Having a robot pet might be one of the biggest dreams of those who are too afraid of dogs but still want to adopt it. During the current CES expo in 2018, Sony launched their first robot dog called Aibo. Although the robot design is merely a prototype, many experts in robotics and tech believe that this innovation will bring many good things in the future. In the near future, Sony only ships this product on the local market which is in Japan, and there is no plan to ship it to other countries in the near future. The robot dog is arguably the greatest robotic breakthrough this year.