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Best New Gadgets for Music Lovers

The music industry is always flooded with new sophisticated gadgets. If you are a music lover, either as a listener or a musician, here are some of the most sophisticated music gadgets that you can try now.

Bone Conduction Bluetooth Headset

KOAR bone conduction Bluetooth headset is a futuristic headset that transmits sound not to your eardrum, but through your skull and directly to your brain. You thus don’t wear it on your ear, but on your cheekbone. There are some advantages of using this headset. To begin with, it doesn’t block your ear, so you can still conveniently hear the sound of your surroundings and the voice of people whom you are talking with while enjoying your favorite music through this headset. It also eliminates the discomfort of wearing earpieces for too long. This futuristic headset was once featured in Dan Brown’s latest novel: Origin.

Artiphon Instrument 1 Multi-Instrument Device

For both trainees and professionals, this multi-instrument device can be a useful device to help them kill their free time, explore new instruments, improve their skill, and even compose a new masterpiece. This device can emulate various musical instruments, including piano, guitar, synthesizer, percussion, etc. It is configured using the touchscreen of a smart device to which it is connected. With this device, musical training and making a musical composition is a breeze.

Flexible Speakers

Audiophiles need high-quality speakers at their place. One common problem with speaker installation is its placement. These JBL Control Now speakers are considered superior in terms of placement. This set of quarter-circle speakers can be mounted on almost any surface. You can suspend them on ceiling, mount them against flat wall and corners, and simply let them lie on a table or countertop.

Best Guitar Tuner

The use of high-tech gadget to tune a guitar has been done since the first version of such gadget was invented. A guitar tuning gadget not only makes tuning job easy, even for beginners, but also more precise. If you are looking for the best guitar tuner, you can try Roadie, the best electronic tuner that is connected to a smart device to help you tune your guitar. With Roadie, you can tune your guitar accurately and customize its tuning with ease.

Top-Tier Headset

A headset is always the best friend for music lovers. When you are looking for a high-quality headset, you want one that reproduces sound excellently without leak and with excellent noise-cancellation feature. If you can find one, you will try to find a top-tier headset without top-tier price. If you are looking for budget-friendly high-quality headset, you should look into the following models: Sony WH-1000XM2, OPPO PM-3, Audeze Sine, and V-Moda Forza. These wireless headsets offer excellent audio reproduction performance with price that ranges from $50 to $500.

Drumistic Connected Drum Kit

Imagine playing a drum set without the bulky drum set. Drumistic connected drum kit is a musical gadget that allows you to use your drum stick on almost all surface while reproducing real drum set sound. You can attach this device to your drum sticks and your feet to emulate the real experience of playing a drum set.

Logitech Squeezebox Touch

Logitech Squeezebox Touch is a useful gadget for music lovers who wish to enjoy unlimited music collections from virtually everywhere. This small touchscreen device, when paired with Wi-Fi network, can acquire music from almost every online source. You can even use this device to pull music from your computer. Besides featuring color touchscreen, it also features a remote control. With this small gadget, you can enjoy your favorite songs at any places where wireless network is available.

VisualSonic Wall Mount Music Device

Sometimes, the presence of too big and too many speakers in your house can be visually disruptive. If you want your home to look cleaner, you can use VisualSonic Wall Mount Music Device, which is basically a piece of wall art that can produce sound. Visually, it acts as a decoration for your home interior, just like your wall-mounted photographs, arts and pictures; however, unlike ordinary arts, it is equipped with high-tech components that allow it to connect wirelessly to your music player and to reproduce its sound. You can amaze your guests with sound that comes from seemingly nowhere.

Voice Changing Microphone

Having a microphone that not only amplifies your voice, but also modifies it and adds some effects to it can be interesting. This kind of microphone, however, is mostly children’s toy, but you can always use it if you want to enjoy some extra fun when singing with your kids. There are several models available, including Acefun Kids Voice Changing and Recording Microphone, Barbie Voice Changing Rockstar Boombox, and Descendants Voice Changing Microphone.