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Best New Gadgets for Gamers

For gamers, the best and the most sophisticated gadgets have always been gaming hardware, including gaming consoles of the latest model, a powerful gaming PC or laptop, or a smart device with high-end specs. However, in addition to those gadgets, there are actually many other gadgets that greatly enhance their gaming experience. Here they are.

Tactical Assault Commander K1

It turns out that a set of keyboard and mouse, which is not originally intended for use in gaming, becomes the most ergonomic controller for playing many games, especially first-person shooters and strategy games. If you feel that the OEM controller of your PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 3 is too clunky to play those games, you can buy Tactical Assault Commander K1, which is basically a modified keyboard and mouse with all keyboard keys removed except those that are useful for gaming purpose. This set of “gaming keyboard” and mouse is compatible with PC, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

Gaming Mouse

A mouse is a great for playing games because of their pointing speed and accuracy. For most players, ordinary mouse is enough to ensure optimal gaming experience. For hardcore games, on the other hand, a specifically designed mouse called gaming mouse is more preferred. Gaming mouse includes additional buttons for adjusting pointer speed and precision level, sturdier components, gaming-themed design, and some extra shortcut buttons. Some great gaming mice that you can use include Razer DeathAder Chroma, Redragon Perdition 16400 DPI, and Logitech G502, which allows you to modify the mouse any way you want.

Flight and Racing Controllers

While it is considered okay to use regular controller or keyboard to play flight and racing games, using controllers specifically designed for flight and racing games gives better gaming experience. There are numerous products available if you are looking for dedicated flight and racing controllers. Saitek Pro Flight X-55 Rhino and Thrustmaster T.16000M FCS includes a pair of throttle and joystick controllers. Flight rudder pedals, such as those provided by Saitek, are also available if you want to enjoy full flight experience. If you are looking for the best racing controllers, we suggest that you check Logitech G27 racing wheel.

Gaming Headset

You can enjoy the cinematic experience of playing games when you can enjoy both the high-quality graphic and the amazing sound of the games you play. A gaming headset is required if you want to enjoy the surround sound of your games without disturbing your surroundings. The best gaming headset should be able to reproduce the high-quality sound of those games without allowing it to leak out. Some examples of the latest gadgets in this department include HyperX Cloud Revolver S Gaming Headset, PlayStation Gold Wireless Stereo Headset, and GT Supsoo G800.

Virtual Reality Headset

Having a VR headset is a must if you want to enjoy the real 3D experience of your games’ 3D environment. This headset recreates the scene to allow its wearer to feel as if they are inside the game. It also includes an audio headset that reproduces the surround sound of the game. Oculus Rift is the most obvious example of this kind of gadget, but there are also some competitors that also have developed similar gadgets, such as HTC with their VIVE virtual reality system.

Video Gaming Chair

Gaming mostly lasts for hours, during which you may strain your back severely, even if you sit on a comfortable couch throughout your gaming session. If you don’t want your enjoyment to harm you physically, you should buy a specifically designed video gaming chair, which is designed to offer the best ergonomics and comfort when you are playing your favorite games. A video gaming chair also includes built-in speakers and subwoofer that greatly improve your gaming experience. One of the latest models of video gaming chair that you can try now is X Rocker 51396 Pro Series Pedestal 2.1 video gaming chair.

Video Gaming Glasses

Your back is not the only body part that will suffer during a long gaming session. Your eyes also will. If you don’t want to suffer from eye fatigue or even damage your eyes when playing games, you may need to wear a pair of video gaming glasses. Video gaming glasses are also useful if you have a corrected vision. If you are looking for glasses designed specifically for gaming, you can try Gunnar Optiks Intercept gaming glasses. These glasses will protect your eyes from eye strain and allow you to enjoy the best gaming experience without causing problem to your eyes.