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Best New Gadgets for Bookworms

Of all people, book lovers are often considered the most withdrawn when it comes to using hi-tech products. However, if you check the gadgets below, you will see that there are actually many great gadgets that can be helpful for all bookworms.

eBook Reader

eBook reader is the most obvious choice for every bookworm looking for a hi-tech gadget. An eBook reader provides them with the entire collection of a library right in their hand, thanks to its large storage space; the convenience of portability; and the convenience of reading in the dark without extra light source. There are many options available. Besides the already popular Amazon Kindle, new gadgets include the waterproof Amazon Kindle Oasis and Kobo Aura H2O, and eBook readers with strong library support, such as Kobo Clara HD.


Most readers are writers. They may take notes and annotations while they are reading or they simply want to write something new based on all eBooks that they have read. For those people, an LCD eWriter can be a fancy gadget to have. When an electronic writer is needed, they can either buy an eBook reader that includes notetaking feature or get a separate LCD eWriter.

LED Book Light

People enjoy using eBook reader because it is backlit, allowing them to read it in the dark. What if you want to stick with the old paper book reading tradition? How do you overcome the problem of reading without light source? If you have this LED book light, you are fortunate because it will illuminate the entire page of the book you are reading.

Adjustable Tablet Stand

Reading an eBook reader while lying on a bed or a sofa can be problematic because you may lose your grip when you fall asleep. If this happens very often, you may hurt your head or damage your device. Keeping your hands free when reading while lying is thus a great idea. An adjustable tablet stand, which will hold your tablet or eBook reader for you, offers a great help if you want to enjoy the comfort of reading while lying without the nuisance of it.

Nap Massaging Bed Rest

A nap massaging bed rest is a perfect gadget for everyone who loves to read. It is an all-in-one gadget that will soothe you while you enjoy the tranquility and peacefulness of reading. It includes a comfortable arm rests and back rest with built-in massager, an adjustable LED light arm that provides enough illumination for reading in the dark, a cup holder, and a book pocket.

Pen Scanner

When reading a book, you may come across some interesting quotes or stories that you want to keep in a note. If you have this pen scanner, you no longer need to do the traditional notetaking task. Simply scan the interesting part of the book with this pen scanner and you can save the digital copy of that part in your fancy scanner.

Polarized Sun Reader

Using a waterproof eBook reader on a beach is great because you don’t have to worry about water; however, you do need to worry about sun glare that may disturb your eyes. With these polarized eyeglasses, you can read your eBook comfortably without worrying about the sun. They allow you to read the text clearly while blocking the annoying sun glare efficiently.

Vessyl Smart Cup

Book reading has always been associated with coffee drinking. When you are reading a book, a cup of coffee nearby is mostly needed to make your reading time more enjoyable. If this happens to often, you may be at risk of becoming diabetic or obese. Vessyl smart cup is specifically designed to monitor the caffeine and sugar content of the beverage it contains. With this cup, you can monitor everything that you drink and how it affects your health.

The Parent’s Voice Book Storyteller

Reading habit often starts during childhood; however, some children unfortunately love book before they know how to read. If your children have started to show their curiosity on books, you may need to read their favorite books for them. If you have little time to do so, you can get this parent’s voice book storyteller. It can record your voice so that your children can replay it whenever they want to read the book.

Eye Massager

Reading, no matter how exciting it is, is tiring, especially for your eyes. Therefore, nothing is better after spending hours of reading than having an eye massage. With this wireless eye massager, you can relax on your couch while having your eyes massaged, restoring your body’s and eyes’ vitality to get ready for another reading session.