2018 BMW X3, a Comfortable SUV both On and Off the Road

2018 BWM X3 gives you an option of whether to drive casually with luxury on city road or to explore rougher terrains on mountainous areas. There are two trims available: the cheaper xDrive30i which performs great on city roads and highways and the more expensive M40i, which gives away better power under its hood and under its frame. Choosing the right option here is not only a matter of price, but also a matter of driving style and preference. Therefore, check carefully both trims and all features that they offer to discover the best BMW SUV that you will buy.

Strong Points

Regardless of all specific features of each trim, both xDrive30i and M40i share some great features as follows.

1. Great Space Management

2018 BWM X3 handles its cabin and cargo space very efficiently. Both driver and passengers can enjoy spacious cabin and ample legroom and head room and they have more than enough space in the cargo area to store their goods. No matter how tall the passengers are, they will not have problem with space, both around their legs and above their head. The triple-split folding rear seatbacks are especially useful if you have to haul a long and bulky object. With this folding mechanism, you can fold down the center part of the seat to create a larger cargo space while still enjoying the comfort and ample space of the front seats.

2. All-Wheel Drive System

A notable departure from its predecessors is the introduction of all-wheel drive system to replace the rear-wheel drive system. This new system allows driver to enjoy better handling and control, especially when exploring rougher terrains, which both trims of 2018 BWM X3 are designed to be capable of. Handling feels quite agile, driving dynamics feels sporty, and steering is sufficiently sharp. The braking system is above the par, making 2018 BWM X3 an excellent SUV to cruise along a smooth road and to overcome off-road terrains.

3. More Aggressive Look

2018 BWM X3 appears more aggressive this year than it was before. The overall size of its body is larger than that of its predecessor, but it barely looks oversized and still successfully maintains its elegant yet intimidating look. The front grille, headlights and other cosmetic elements of the car’s façade feel more integrated and harmonious now than they did before. The rear area, which sports tail lights that extend gracefully to the tailgate, also looks more cohesive than ever. 2018 BWM X3 is designed to be powerful and aggressive not only in terms of powertrain, but also in terms of look.

Weak Points

Some new features that 2018 BWM X3 introduces may give some benefits to drivers, but they do have their own extra cost.

1. All-Wheel Drive System Inefficiency

Seasoned drivers certainly enjoy the inclusion of all-wheel drive system to replace the rear-wheel drive system of the old models because the former offers better driving dynamics and traction; however, all-wheel drive system is not the more efficient choice compared with the rear-wheel drive system, especially in terms of the initial cost and fuel economy. The extra purchasing and fueling expense may scare some customers away.

2. Not the Best Vehicle for Android Users

2018 BWM X3 includes iDrive 6.0 infotainment system that incorporates Bluetooth, USB slot and an audio system that is connected to 12 speakers. The car’s technology also features three-zone climate control that enhances comfort and driving experience. Although the car’s infotainment support does include Apple CarPlay support, it doesn’t incorporate Android Auto connectivity support. Android users may be resentful with the lack thereof. In fact, even the Apple CarPlay feature is not considered a standard feature because it comes for an extra expense.

3. Lack of Standard Luxury Features

With starting price that is considered above average, 2018 BWM X3 doesn’t actually include many luxury features, especially if compared with competitors like Audi Q5. Apple CarPlay support, which is available as a standard free feature in most SUVs, is available with an extra cost in 2018 BWM X3. The upholstery of this car uses faux leather compared with the real leather of Audi Q5’s upholstery.


The base price for the xDrive30i trim is $43,650 and for the M40i trim, it is $55,300; however, you may need to add an extra expense of $10,000 or more to get extra features that make the car really useful. The starting price for both trims of 2018 BWM X3 is considered above average, especially if compared with the price of Audi Q5 as well as Mercedes-Benz and Jaguar competitors, which is only around $40,000.