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When to Change Your Smartphone?

Your smartphone has become an important part of your life. You depend on it for many things. Naturally, you will want to make sure that you have the best smartphone. But, do you really have to buy a new smartphone every year? Actually, no.

How do you know when you absolutely have to upgrade your phone then? There are some sings you can watch out for that.

1. Your Smartphone’s Touch Screen Is No Longer Responsive

A phone with physical keys might be popular years ago, back when BlackBerry was still the king of the phone industry. But that day is over. Nowadays, every smartphone has a touchscreen. The first time you buy a new smartphone, the touch screen will be very responsive. Everything is smooth.

One of the signs that you need to change your smartphone is when the touchscreen of your smartphone starts to lag. It is quite easy to tell. A new smartphone will response to every touch you do. When your smartphone starts not to respond, then you might need to look for a new smartphone.

2. The Screen of Your Smartphone Is in Pieces

Do you know what is worse than an unresponsive touchscreen on your smartphone? A screen that is broken. Everyone knows they should not throw their smartphone away or let it fall. But accidents happen. If you are lucky, your smartphone will get away unscathed. Sometimes though, when your phone falls the screen cracks.

You might be able to ignore the cracks on your smartphone, but getting a new smartphone will make your life easier, especially if you rely on your smartphone heavily.

3. Your Phone Dies Before Lunch

Arguably, battery life is the most important aspect of a smartphone. People always hope for a bigger battery on a new smartphone so it can last longer throughout the day. Usually, a smartphone will be able to last for a day. At the least, you will need to charge it near the end of your day.

Usually, an old phone cannot last long. Even if an old smartphone has the same battery capacity as a new smartphone, the latter will last longer. The reason is that every battery on an electronic device has a lifespan. It wears out the longer you use it.

So, the older your phone is, the worn out its battery is. That is why an old phone might not be able to last for a day.

4. Your Smartphone Often Shuts Down Without Reasons

There are many problems that you face when you use an old smartphone. Aside from it can’t last throughout the day, sometimes it shuts down randomly. This usually happens without notice whatsoever. As if it is not bad enough, sometimes, your smartphone cannot be turned on right away.

If you are one of the people who work on your smartphone, this problem can make you less productive. So, if your smartphone starts to shut down randomly, then you should look for another smartphone.

5. The Photos You Take Look Blurry

If you love taking photos with your smartphone, you might need to get a new smartphone when you are no longer happy with the photos you take with your smartphone. When you get a new smartphone, you will have access to a better camera.

When it comes to the camera on a smartphone, megapixel is not the thing you should care about. You also need to look for the aperture and the features on a smartphone. The lower the aperture on a smartphone camera is, the better the photos it takes on a low-light condition.

6. Your Storage Is No Longer Enough

Another sign you need to look for a new smartphone is when you no longer have enough storage for anything. Usually, when people have low storage, they start to uninstall applications they no longer use and erase old photos and videos. If you already do them and the storage on your smartphone is still not enough, you should look for a new phone.

Nowadays, you need to look for a smartphone with 32GB of storage at the least. It is also preferable to get a smartphone that is equipped with a microSD slot. That way, you can expand the storage of your smartphone whenever you need it.

7. There Is a Problem on Your Smartphone’s Port

Sometimes, old phones have problems on their ports, be it the charging port or the audio port. This might force you to twist the headphone jack or your charger to make sure it connects to your phone. If this is a problem when you use your phone, you should look for a new one.