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Why Steam is the Best Game Distributor Software

If we are going to buy and install a game from the internet, there is no better software to do it than Steam. Sure, we actually can find so many applications that distribute legal games for purchase out there. However, to this date, there is not a single one of them have a satisfying service that can rival the service and performance Steam offers. Steam has become so great and loved it becomes the unofficial standard of how a game distribution software should be. Well, what makes the app so great?

1. It allows you to play its games without an internet connection

There was a myth that you need a reliable internet connection in order to play the games on Steam. It turns out that the myth was not true at all since the software has an Offline mode to let yourself play its games without any internet connection, as long the game you want to play is not an MMO (massively multiplayer online) which naturally needs an internet to run. If the game you have already purchased is already downloaded in your PC, you can play it everywhere and anywhere.

The myth that mentioned in the previous paragraph actually has a history. Steam has had this feature since quite a long time, but it was really unreliable. The offline mode was a literal piece of garbage it made everyone using it become frustrated. However, after the company released several updates and modifications, the worries in the past is now nowhere to be found. The ability to work offline is now performing flawlessly!

2. It can be downloaded without any purchase

No, no, no, the one which can be downloaded for free is the Steam, not the games it offers! Although it has become a common thing nowadays, providing a digital games distribution for free was relatively rare in the past. There was an application similar to Steam which became the best game distributor back then, and the name was Microsoft Gaming Zone. To access the games, you needed to pay several subscriptions! Well, Steam was not free as well in the beginning, but it was the first to release an update which enables its users to download it for free and access almost all of its features offered.

3. Patching updates for the games are done automatically

Now, the feature to automatically download any updates in order to fix any bugs, glitches, and errors in a game can be done automatically for Steam. Well, that sounds so trivial, what makes it so special, actually? Actually, this feature is not trivial at all since all games always have different levels of errors that need patching. It was a pain in the back that you needed to manually visit the website of the game developer if the game you play did not work or it needed a patch to fix its troublesome bugs. To make matters worse, you often had to open the files of the game and rearrange the files which require some arrangement.

With Steam, you don’t need to worry about the things mentioned above! You can just wait for it to work, and in no time, you can play the game after the patches needed to fix every bug and errors are downloaded and attached to the game! Gaming has never touched this level of convenience before since you don’t have to do bothersome activities like rearranging the files of the game on your own since everything happens automatically.

4. It encourages indie developers to make and release their own games

Not only is Steam facilitating famed developers but also indie developers. If you are going try your own fortune by making your own games, then, this software will definitely be your best friend. Unlike other game distributing apps which tend to abandon smaller developers by putting their games at the bottom side of the list, Steam has a feature called Steam Greenlight which allows its users to make a vote in order to vote the best indie games that are worth buying. Regardless of the popularity of its developers, any games can now have an equal opportunity to be loved and played by the people! There are countless indie games that enjoy huge success after being released on Steam.

5. A wide opportunity of modding

With the presence of a feature called Steam Workshop, you can participate to create a wide variety of mods. The software gives you a web-based tool to modify any games they like. Usually, this kind of creativity is not encouraged by other software to distribute games, but not for Steam. Well, those are the reasons why Steam is the best software to download games for your PC!