Reasons Why Google Chrome is the Best Browsing App

If the miracles of the internet need to be mentioned in a list, then, it is highly possible that you will find that Google Chrome is on top of the list. Google Chrome is a good browser since it is owned by the company which possesses a huge amount of control over the web for normal users. Since its launch in 2008, it has managed to attract a huge number of people to use it. Well, what are the things which make Google Chrome the best app for browsing the internet? You can figure them all out by reading this article to finish!

1. The simplicity it offers

Well, it is highly possible that you are reading this article on Google Chrome, are you not? Don’t worry; you are not the only who uses Google Chrome for it! One of the first reasons why Google Chrome has the most users compared to other browsers around is that people who use it are attracted to the level of simplicity Google Chrome offers. You can take your time for a while to inspect the design of Google Chrome, and you will be amazed by it since it is so clean and simple in no time. In an instant, you will get the feeling that you can browse the internet easily by using it.

So, does that mean that other browsers are more clunky and complicated to use? Well, it is not always the case in terms of other browsers. However, what we know for sure is that Google Chrome beats other browsers in terms of the simplicity of its design.

2. The speed it has

Okay, it is no doubt that most apps for browsing are able to access and open pages in a high level of speed. However, the thing that matters the most is the ability to open pages with a lot of contents, such as graphics, video, or flash ads quickly. Now, is there any browser who can rival the speed of Google Chrome in order to do that? Well, Opera is able to rival Google in terms of speed, but it can only do that in a limited durability since its performance deteriorates if we use it too long. So, no one can rival Google Chrome in this one!

3. Its massive number of extensions and add-ons you can install

If you take a look at the history of the internet and application, you will see that Google Chrome is the best browser which is able to support extensions. After that, this ability becomes a market-like place since you are able to make an extension and sell it to the potential users out there. This feature is somewhat unique to Google Chrome since most browsers out there only have one specific purpose to exist, which is to browse the internet, and just it. With the ability to support extensions, Google Chrome has set a new standard for browsers.

In terms of extensions, there are so many available for you to enjoy. You can find a huge variety on the extension store, ranging from the extension to block advertisements to the extension to save links to read offline. Oh, how awesome this browser is!

4. The level of security it possesses

Since Google has the best engineers to employ in order to supervise the security level of the internet and the services offered by the company, it is safe to say that Google Chrome also has a high level of security. Google has a good track record in terms of providing security patches and fixing any bugs encountered. There are no accounts that any malicious attack on the browser ever succeeds.

5. Its market share

Okay, this one is not the same as the things mentioned earlier since it is not related to the features offered by the browser. This one is more of a way to show you the fact that it is the browser used by most people who have an access to the internet. Well, if you see the market share of browsing apps, you will notice that Google Chrome is the boss in this, with sixty percent of market share. But is there any reason why it is used by so many people, aside from the number of features it has? Well, according to several pieces of research, it turns out that Google has managed to create a trust among the people on the internet, so they feel safe to use the products that the company offers, including Google Chrome. Well, those are the reasons why Google Chrome is the best browser you can find!