How to Choose the Right Smartphone for You

If your smartphone starts lagging or if it is old enough, you might want to consider to buy a new smartphone. Nowadays, there are many models you can choose from. Everyone has different needs so it is better to choose a new smartphone that can fulfill all of your needs.

Here are some tips as to how you can choose the right smartphone for you.

1. Choose Between iOS or Android

As of now, there are two mobile operating system: iOS by Apple and Android by Google. Apple’s iPhones are known for its security and ease of use. As a technology company, Apple also has other products such as laptops and desktops. If you already use other Apple’s products, then you might want to get an iPhone. One downside of iPhone is the price. Compared to most of Android smartphones, iPhones have premium price tags. Chad Kimball google maps

On the other hand, one of the benefits of choosing Android is that there are so many models. No matter how much, or how little, your budget is, you can find an Android smartphone. Since Android is made by Google, Android’s integration with Google’s services such as Chrome, Maps, and Gmail is very good.

2. Know Your Budget

Basically, smartphones are divided into three classes: entry-level, mid-class and high-end. You can know a smartphone’s class by looking at its price and its features. Apple is known for its premium smartphones while most Android vendors — such as Samsung, Huawei, and Xiaomi — usually offer various smartphones on different classes.

For example, Galaxy S series and Galaxy Note series are Samsung’s premium lines. For mid-class range, Samsung offers Galaxy A series and last not least, it offers Galaxy J series for the entry-level class.

If you have an unlimited budget, it does not matter whether you choose iPhone or Android phones. But if you have a limited budget, then it is better to look for Android smartphones, especially because Android usually offer better price-per-performance value.

3. Choose the Size Screen

Nowadays, smartphone vendors seem to think the bigger a smartphone is the better it is. The problem is not everyone will be able to hold a big smartphone with one hand comfortably. If you often use your phone with one hand, then you might want to consider to get a phone with size screen less than 5.5 inches.

On the contrary, if you love smartphones with big screens, then you should look for the top-of-the-line smartphones such as Samsung’ Galaxy Note series or iPhone Max series. The good news is, bezel-less phones are very popular nowadays. It means that you can get a phone with a big screen without having to worry about the body of the smartphone getting too big.

4. Do Not Worry Too Much About the Screen Resolution

Some of the premium smartphones offer you 4K resolution. While it seems nice theoretically, it is an overkill. When it comes to the screen of a smartphone, you should care more about the brightness and the color quality. If you use it under the sun, can you turn up the brightness enough so you can see what is on the screen without a problem? That is the question you should ask.

When it comes to color quality, smartphones with AMOLED screens are better than LCD screens. If you have enough budget, you can also look for smartphones with HDR screen since they can display more colors.

5. Do Not Choose A Smartphone with Less than 32GB Memory

Even if you are looking for a budget smartphone, you should look for a smartphone with at least 32GB internal memory. A smartphone with 16GB internal memory will only be a problem later on since you cannot install many applications or photos and videos. If you have no other options but to buy a smartphone with 16GB memory, then you should look for a phone that has a microSD card slot. That way, you can save your photos and videos on the microSD card.

6. Look for A Smartphone with Big Battery

How long a smartphone can last is one of the most frequently asked questions when one wants to buy a smartphone. If it is possible, you should look for a smartphone that can last for at least 10 hours. So it can last a whole day when you are using it.

7. Do Not Think Too Much about the Camera Megapixels

The camera is one of the most important features in a smartphone. Usually, a smartphone company will say that the more megapixels a camera has the better its photo is. This is true to some extent. But there are other things you need to care about if you want to get a good photo such as aperture, the lower the numbers are the better.