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Top 7 Marketing Tricks to Make You Spend More

Selling and buying all of our needs is a very usual activity all people do every day around the world. But have you put more attention on how the marketing people make you buy more? What are the marketing tricks that they do so you will spend more for them? Here are some top marketing tricks you might have not noticed. Check out so you will not fall in the trap anymore!

1. Products on Your Eye-Level

When you are in a convenient store or maybe a supermarket, you will have the freedom to choose what you want to get from the lines of racks. The limited time you have and the amounts of goods you want to buy are frequently not balanced. Perceiving this opportunity, the stores are using this as one of their marketing strategies. Putting the most expensive or at least, the second or third most expensive goods on most consumers’ eye-level is very effective. As you are in rush, you will not bother to search for or comparing some products displayed on the racks. That way you just grab whatever you see first and end up paying more in the cashier.

2. The Restaurants Temperature

Eating nice meals and have perfect match drink in a restaurant has always brought a positive mood for everyone. When people are eating, normally the temperature of the body will raise. Not only to keep their customers comfortable in a cozy temperature, but also some restaurants marketing trick will turn down the room temperature so it becomes cooler or even cold. If you are feeling colder, your body will ‘act’ as if it needs more food or at least an additional cup of hot tea or coffee to warm up.

3. The Illusion of Bulk Value

This marketing tactic is most commonly applied in the grocery stores. On some season, they will put a large number of products right in the center of the room and say they are overstocked. By this statement advertised, they can say that they are selling in a lower price in bulky bundles. Actually, the fact is the more products a company produces or orders, the lower their cost to spend per item. Although this is beneficial for you as the consumer too, but you might end up bringing home more products than you actually need. The bad news is sometimes buying in large amounts is not even a deal but rather a deceptive wording.

4. Buy 1 Get 1 Half Price

When you see this sign, you will most likely to look at it twice and think of how profitable it is for you.

Declining such opportunity would be hard. But actually, the first item you buy is normally offered at a full retail price. Before spending more, you should stop and remember if the products are always sold in that range of price they offer. Seeing the bigger picture can help you to decide on this kind of sale. By buying 2 items with the second item half price, you are actually just got tricked by the marketing to get 2 products in regular price they charge. Ending up by buying more than you need is not always desirable.

5. The Menu Design

You may want to be more careful when you are seeing a restaurant menu. Trying to choose what to order is depending on the food itself and, of course, the price. Numerous restaurants like to omit the dollar sign in front of the price to make you think less conservative of the money you are going to spend. Even though this seems minor, but apparently this marketing trick works very effectively on most customers.

6. Free trials

The marketing people are preying on the consumers’ inability to skip on something at zero cost on a free trial. Be it a gym membership or an online streaming service for movies, series, and music. That 30-day free trial might open up the possibility for you to change your mind. On the other hand, you might be too comfortable to have the privilege on that first free 30-day trial. And after that, you’ll find yourself hard not to continue to get the same benefit you have gained.

7. Limited Edition Labelling Trick

Knowing that you have less chance to purchase the products only while it lasts will enhance your anxiety level. People hate missing out and the marketing strategy uses this psychological state quite well. With the label ‘only while it lasts’ or even ‘limited edition’ you will think that the product is scarce and hard to get. Being a part of the exclusive people who own it can push you to spend more.