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Marketing Communication 101: The Essentials

Living in this digital era, we can do any kind of transaction easily. Being connected to the internet and see all the advertisements appearing on the screen is inevitable. Even so, many business marketing experts are having the same concern recently. A shortage of fundamental knowledge in marketing communications is too common among the young practitioners. In this article, we are going to explore more about basic marketing communication.

Persuading Via the Internet

Instead of going to the markets or retails, now they are the ones coming to the consumers via the internet and devices. It is inevitable for us to connect to the internet which is full of advertisements. However, marketing communication is different from advertisements. Delivering a message to customers to buy something via email, web, and social media is the main point of marketing communication.

When a company is having a downturn, the marketing department would be the first one knowing the effects. Only knowing will not help the company so the manager and the staffs have to respond quickly. Doing their strategy as accurate as possible is another vital role in order not to let the downturn getting worse. On the other hand, when the company is having a great time by the rocketing profits, the marketing team cannot lay back. Planning an even more successful strategy is importantly needed.

In pursuance of those actions, the marketing communication team can be one of the main pillars in these recent days. The tricky thing is that most of the human resource for the position is filled by young generations. Even the marketing communication manager is usually the millennials generation. This can be a problem when the market targets are in the range of older age. The young practitioners would have a lot of new ideas from what they know and want to apply it to the marketing. Yet the gap of the customer needs and the way they want to be communicated with is there and cannot be avoided.

The Primary Keys of Marketing Communication

Coping with the problem, there are still several primary keys to guide and keep it in mind always. Even though the technologies are changing and moving fast, the fundamental principles will stay the same and help the business keeps running. For most cases of marketing communication, these factors below should not be forgotten so that getting the goals can be possible.

The very first thing is about targeting. Set the target of your consumers. Making a straight and more define audience will help you more to know what to do and what kind of strategy you can use. The certain demographic market segment with a need for your products or services makes it easier to focus. Some failures might be beneficial but failing too much would only waste time and money. None of us wants that to happen.

After setting an obvious target, you have to make sure that your most of your targets receive the messages you are trying to communicate well. Do more research on their likings, their flexibilities in time, and what they use the most. Maximizing the potency from the media your targets like to use the most is very vital in marketing communication. By knowing this and reaching them through their most-used media, it will be easier for you to grab their attention. Even after that, you would find it easy to maneuver as well when you have a new product or service offerings.

Build an Image of the Brand

Essentially, marketing is heavily depending on what kind of image you want that associate with the brand. The way you communicate with the audience will really specify. For an instance, when you have a product or service initially for an audience in the 40s to 50s, you cannot use too many funky words as they might not understand. You should rather use regular words with a casual delivery so that they understand without having the feeling of too ceremonial.

The brand and the image you build certainly affect the next step of the company. Sometimes it can be the dilemma between staying with the image with coming and going audience, or keeping up with the same audience so the company is like growing together with them. Marketing communications and advertising are also always have been about innovative ideas and fresh tactics since people are evolving. This constant change can be defeated when you have strong and wide networking. Not only have the chance to get your needs easier, but also brainstorming through ideas and the process of making the crafts.