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Why Media Holds a Vital Role in our Life

In the life we currently live, we cannot overlook the importance of media. To keep us updated, we use media to watch or see the events that are currently happening on the planet. By turning on a TV or radio, you can watch or listen to a program which broadcasts the latest news! Oh, aside from TV and radio, you can browse millions of articles on the internet to know the latest events ongoing today. Now, let’s see the importance of media.

What is media?

Before we figure out the reasons which make the media so important, we need to figure out the true meaning of it. To start, we need to know that the word itself is actually the plural form for medium. When we say the word, we refer to any varieties of every sources or medium as the means of communication. The main purpose why media exists is to be the tools to spread the information or knowledge.

Media is crucial for our life because of several reasons. One of them is that the media is the best tool as the medium of communication suitable for the mass audience. The method of mass communication can find a suitable form and way, thanks to the role of several types of media, such as printed press, electronic media, and the internet.

Media is always used by most of the people of the world. Most of us, including you, depend on several media sources to stay up to date on several issues that are currently happening in the world. In the whole society, it holds several important roles.

The important roles of media

Okay, some of the importance of media has been mentioned in the previous paragraphs. But now, you will be given several roles of media which make it important. Now, we will see why it holds a crucial significance by seeing several points, which are considered to be the most important ones, mentioned below.

1. Provides an overwhelming level of knowledge and spreading the information we need

Around the world, there are a lot of events happen when we are relaxing at home or too busy dealing with life. The media ensures to keep ourselves informed of those things. Thanks to the media, the effort to figure out what currently happens on the planet becomes an easy task to do. Disseminating information is the vital role of the media, and, obviously, it benefits all of us. It is able to update information from time to time to keep you aware of the things currently happening in the world.

The media is also crucial as the means to educate the masses. Thanks to it, the society is able to explore and investigate a wide amount of information at once, reviewing and comparing several products which are important to sustain lives, and read news with a wide variety of topics, and even, finding the best price to buy a candy. Critical issues in the society, such as poverty, health, natural disaster, war, or politics, are also the topics actively exposed by the media.

2. Raises our awareness

As stated in the previous paragraph, the media exposes several issues that become troubles in our society. We become aware of those issues by the time we read, listen, or watch the news mentioning them. Indeed, it is an undeniable fact that the media has no power to enforce its point of view of the issues on us. However, by providing the facts and the news, we are able to conduct an analysis on that information. In the end, media allows us to have an ability to differentiate the right from the wrong.

By raising social issues, the media has a role to construct the society. Over the course of history, there are so many issues raised by the media, like gender and racial discrimination, corruption, and power abuse. Without the role of media to expose them, there is no way for to public to be aware and take the steps for solving them. The authorities are also able to work more easily to remedy those issues. Also, we can deliver our message and opinion without any difficulties by using the social media.

3. Broadcasting various events live

Without the presence of media, how are we supposed to watch the world cup? Without watching the TV, streaming from the internet, we would never be able to figure out the tsunami which devastated the city of Palu on the island of Sulawesi, Indonesia. By providing a live broadcast to the important events happening, you can be aware of them. Well, those are the reasons why media is vital for all of us!