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Things Startup Companies Must Avoid

Building a startup company is a good thing that we should try. And if you are planning to, or if you already have one, you need to know that there are some things that should not be done by a startup company. Well, let’s see the things!

Too early in recruiting employees

Aside from spending too much money, the other thing you need to avoid the most in managing a startup company is recruiting workers too quickly. When you are just starting to build a company, the last thing you need is an unwise expenditure, and you would expend too much money if you decide to hire an in-house staff too early.

Okay, perhaps it is better to work with more people, but to conserve your money, instead of hiring in-house staffs; you can hire freelancers or interns, or even hiring from an external agency. Those three options do not need you to spend money too much to remunerate a full-value staff. Sure, in-house staffs offer a higher standard of working-level compared to those mentioned earlier, but they could make you run out of cash at a faster rate.

Ignoring the importance of a website

The 21st century is the digital age and every startup companies either has a website or has their company bankrupted. Exactly, owning a website to keep your startup company growing is extremely critical nowadays. Today, people spend most of the time in front of their computer or smartphone screen. The chance that your product would be seen on a search engine is much higher than it would be seen on a billboard, unlike in the seventies. Before a potential customer decides to contact you directly, he/she must have been seeing or searching for the products or services you are currently advertising via a search engine.

Not owning a website could cause you to lose a competition in terms of finding potential clients. Besides, you can easily have a direct way to communicate with your costumers by owning a website. By the way, being afraid of owning a website for any reasons is now a silly thing, since you can have a website with a cheaper price and it is now much easier to build one! If you search on the internet, you will find several cheap web hosting companies which can help you to have a website.

Trusting the expert too much

Well, it is good that you ask for an advice from the experts who obviously know more than you in the field of a startup business. However, it is unwise to rely on them too much and neglecting your own instinct and decision. Make sure that you always prioritize your own thinking and judgment. Without analyzing its strengths and weaknesses, an advice from the experts could transform into a pitfall which threatens your company.

Always listen to the advice given by the experts, but do what your intuition tells you what to do. Being trapped in a difficult situation can be annoying and it could make your decision-making tougher, but no one knows you better than yourself. Believe in what you can do!

Wrong marketing strategy

Always do an intensive research and review on the strategy you use to market your products or services. The mistake most commonly did by startup companies is the mistake in creating a marketing strategy. There are several factors that cause a startup to create a wrong strategy, and you will find some below.

You need to understand the potential customers who become the targets for your products or services; you have to figure out whether what you are advertising is suitable for what they need. Owning the right channel as the most efficient way to reach potential customers is also a thing you need to prioritize.

You also need to review every aspect, for example, aside from figuring out what product your target market would need, you also have to measure how much money you would spend to make your effort more effective. Now, if you consider that you have created a proper marketing strategy, you to pay attention for several upcoming weeks. If none of your strategies work, you should act fast to prevent any damages from happening.


To make sure that your startup company works well, you need to avoid doing several mistakes. The mistakes you need to avoid are recruiting employees too early, overlooking the importance of owning a website, relying on the experts too much, and creating a wrong marketing strategy. Always be sure to avoid all of those mentioned earlier.