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Best Futuristic Gadgets You Can Use Now

The world is teeming with inventors and once new technologies become available, they try to exploit those technologies to create some ingenious creations that the public can eventually use. Sometimes, they even discover new technologies that can be further exploited to create new futuristic gadgets. If you wish to feel what it is like to live in the future, here are futuristic gadgets that you should try now.

The Wall

Gone are the days when a TV have a fixed size. For years, TVs have been getting bigger and bigger, but their size remains fixed. The Wall is a breakthrough introduced by Samsung. It is a 146-inch TV that consists of MicroLED modules. Being modular, the TV can get bigger if new modules are added to it.

LG’s Rollable TV

After modular TV, rollable TV becomes another fancy gadget that you can try in the near future. Yes, LG’s newest invention is still in development by the time this article is written, but you don’t have to wait too long for this futuristic gadget to enter the market. As the name implies, instead of a solid pane, this TV is rollable like a piece of fabric. When rolled, this 65-inch 4K OLED TV will appear like a soundbar that you can bring with ease. If you are struggling with carrying bulky TV, remember that the time to try a much lighter and more portable TV is getting near.

Drone Phone Case

If you want to enjoy a bigger angle when taking a selfie, try Selfly. This phone case can also function as a drone with integrated HD camera, allowing you to take a selfie from high above the ground level. When wrapping your phone, it will act as an ordinary phone case, but when you remove the phone, you can use it as a drone. You cannot put your phone in it when you are using it as a drone.

A Revived PDA

If you think that the era of PDA has long gone, look at Planet Computers’ Gemini. From the outside, the gadget appears very much the same with PDA. It retains the retro look of a PDA with its old-fashioned QWERTY button and dark grey case. Inside, however, this revived PDA carries a very powerful engine with 4-GB RAM, a 10-core processor and a full HD display. Although it is operated mainly by Android OS, it can also boot into Linux, which is great news for tech-savvy users.

A Laptop Phone

There is a good reason why a phone and a laptop should combine. You’ll get the portability and versatility of a phone and the convenient keyboard and large screen of a laptop. Project Linda, which is developed by Razer, is a laptop-like gadget consisting of a keyboard and a laptop screen. It doesn’t have regular computing engine in it, but when a phone is inserted into an opening that is usually occupied by a touchpad, the phone will act as a touchpad and the laptop screen will display everything displayed on the phone screen. You can use the phone as the touchpad and the laptop will use the processing power of the phone.

A Personal Airbag

Your car’s airbag protects you from impact in the event of collision. What if the same airbag also protects you when you are outside your car? Helite’s Hip’Air is designed for that purpose. It is a belt that automatically inflates if it senses that its wearer is about to fall. Although it may not benefit young users a lot, this belt can be a lifesaver for senior people, for whom this belt is actually designed. With this belt attached to their body, fall injury will not become a life-threatening one.

Movie Phone

Phone screen is getting higher and higher in terms of resolution, making it suitable for watching HD movies; however, no matter how high its resolution is, its size never gets bigger. Movie Phone is a new gadget that allows you to break this tradition. This phone includes an integrated projector that can project 720p picture and video. Although the resolution of the processor cannot be considered high yet, it still greatly enhances the movie-showing capability of the phone. Now you can create a home theater system with only your phone.

OneStep 2 Camera

It is great to shoot and collect many digital photos, but it will be much better if you can print the photo directly into a tangible touchable paper photo. The Polaroid OneStep 2 camera allows you to do that. Simply shoot a photo or use a digital photo that you already save with this camera and you can have a printed photo in seconds.