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The Digi-Advert World: Types of Digital Advertising and How They Work

Digital advertising is a new concept for this era. For that reason, not many people understand about them. This article here will talk about the types of digital advertising and how to help you advertise your products through digital means.

The first is cross-channel advertising

The first type of digital advertising here is the simplest of them all. Cross-channel advertising is a type of advertising in which an advertiser advertises their product through different digital platforms. This is the most basic of the digital advertisement because you just basically put your advertisement in different forms and different platforms. For example, you might have a video ad in one site while having a display ad in another. If you already got two forms of advertisements on two different platforms, you have already practised cross-channel advertising.

Having advertisements on different digital platforms is not enough, though. You also need to make sure that all of the ads you have placed are cohesive and are all working together. You cannot have one ad on one platform says one thing while the other ad on the other platform says another. Doing so will risk your credibility and your consistency.

Cross-channel advertising is a good thing to do because these days, people often access many different platforms in their lives. At noon, they might access Youtube or any other video sharing sites. In the night, they might visit some other sites with display ad spaces. You will want your ad to reach all of those sites to get maximum exposure. You also need to consider the strengths and the weaknesses of all platforms to be able to succeed.

Paid search advertising

Paid search advertising is an advertising method that is often seen when you are searching for items on the web. When you search for something, there is a chance that there would be sites marked ‘ad’ on top of the other search result. The sites or the items that are marked with the word ‘ad’ are sites or items that are advertised using paid search advertising.

To make it short, advertisers advertise their items using these search engines. Helped with an optimized keyword or keywords, these advertisers use the search engine to make sure that their items are brought on the top of the search result. For example, say that you are advertising a site with the help of Google. You ask Google to advertise your site and Google will do so.

Google profits from this kind of arrangement by way of clicking. For each click on the site or the item that is advertised, Google collects a tiny sum of profit. In the end, the advertiser got potential customers while the advertising platform got money.

Display advertising is the third kind of digital ad

Have you ever visited a website or two and notice that there are ads by the sides of the website? Those ads are called a display advertisement. It is one of the most popular digital advertising methods in the world, and many agencies have agreed that this kind of advertisement is the one that is really helpful. It is cheaper than the other methods listed so far, meaning small businesses can use it.

The web is full of surfers, and by displaying your ad on a website, you can increase the chance of those surfers taking a liking of your product when they stumbled upon the website.

Mobile advertising is also a prominent digital advertising method

Lots of folks got mobile phones these days. That is why it is only right for advertisers to take action on the popularity of mobile phones. Mobile advertising is more or less the same as display advertising or any other advertising methods, but what makes them different is that they are not allowed to fit as many items as their other bigger counterparts.

If you are still curious about how mobile ads look like, you can download a free mobile application. That mobile application will often be riddled with ads on the sides or the other places, depending on the orientation of the phone. It can also pop out when you are done doing something in those free apps.

Social advertising uses the power of social media

In short, this kind of digital advertising makes use of the social media on the web. Because social media in itself is still young, this kind of advertising is a bit infant as well. That does not mean it is not dependable, however. Many companies have started using the social media to advertise their products and some of these social media platforms have also helped advertisers if they want to advertise on the site.

Video advertising works good, too

The TV is a place that one can advertise on, but because the TV is starting to get less relevant these days, advertisers with a video advertisement can turn to video-streaming websites if they wish to. There are many streaming sites that will allow advertisers to bring their advertisements to the website provided they pay a sum to the sites. Handy if you already got a video ad ready to be published.

The last method is by far the hardest to comprehend: the demand side platforms

The demand side platform or the DSP is by far the most complex digital advertisement system. It involves a complex ad space bidding that takes into consideration the demography of those who visit the website. An advertiser would need to register on a DSP site, put criteria on who the demography of their ad should be, and wait for the DSP to place a bid. If the bid is accepted by the publisher of the ad, then the advertiser’s ad will be displayed.