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Monetizing the Advertising: What Makes a Good Advertisement?

Advertising is a very important thing to do if you want your business to succeed, but what are the things that can attract potential customers to your business? What are the things that can make anyone that see it or read it go wow?

A compelling visual can make the world go round

Especially visuals that are highly compelling. While visuals were once something that was left out thanks to how hard it was to create an attractive one, pictures and graphics are now the best methods of delivering your idea to the mass. No longer will people be attracted to words alone, as words must now be delivered with them to achieve maximum interest. In fact, there was an experiment taken by one by the name of Dan Zarella that tells of an increased interest or interaction between users when an image is involved in a Facebook post. The increase is high, sitting at 37 percent when compared with posts without pictures attached to it.

When the masses see an advertisement with pictures, captions, or something else to it, they will often see the picture first. The pictures are usually the biggest attention magnet and they are usually the biggest item in the whole advertisement. There is an old adage that can fit very much when it comes to advertising using pictures. That adage says that a picture is ‘worth a thousand words’, meaning that your picture should be able to convey the item that you are trying to advertise.

While this section is somewhat implying that the picture is the most important factor in an advertisement, the truth is far from it. The picture is important to have, but it is not the most important factor in the whole advertisement. In fact, there are ads without pictures that can sell a product very quickly. The most defining factor that can make an ad break the crowd is:

The headline of the ad

An advertising without a picture can still be declared an advertisement. An ad without a headline, however, will only be a useless picture littering the walls or the internet. Without a doubt, an effective headline will be the major pulling item that can increase customers’ interest. A picture might be able to pull them closer, but the headline is what will pull the customers in. Whether you are advertising through digital means or if you are advertising using conventional method, the headline is very important to have. No matter if you decide to go with a humorous tone or a serious one, your headline should always leave the readers wanting.

You need to have an optimized headline, however

Yet, having a headline alone is not enough. If you wish to advertise using the help of search engines, you need to be able to optimize your headline using SEO keywords. This is very important because in the internet, chances are there are two sentences of the same kind. Without having an SEO optimized headline, there is a high chance that your own headline will be ‘swallowed’ by the other headlines. When you are using the internet to advertise, it is also imperative that your advertisement shows up on the first page of the search engine. The second page is somewhat a doomed area while the pages after the second are almost desolate of visitors.

Not only that you need to be able to create a compelling headline, you also need to be able to write an optimized one. The challenge lies within the second one because it can be hard to create a good sounding headline while all the same keeping to the rules of the headline optimization. Fortunately, there are now services that can help you find good keywords, saving you the time of having to search for them on your own.

The copy should be the next thing you put into consideration

The copy can be said as the ‘caption’ of your advertisement. It is a concise text that explains a tiny bit about the product, just enough to get customers to buy your items. You need to make the copy text relevant and useful for the customers. Do not put too much of an item’s description into your copy text because it will only end up messing the whole advertisement. Save the detailed descriptions for something else, not the ad.

Last but not least, you need to call for the consumers’ action

You need to have a call to action somewhere around your advertisement to incite your customers to contact you. Without having one, your customers would be left in the dark about your item, hence severely decreasing the chance of your item or services getting bought. Put it somewhere a bit far from the main ‘attraction’ but not as far it detaches itself from the ad.

In the end, creativity matters too

Creativity is a much-needed commodity to have if you want to advertise your product perfectly. Without a creativity to match your ambition, chances are your advertisement will fall flat and uninspired. While there are rules and conducts to follow, creativity should always take precedence over them. Just remember not to stray too far from the norm of advertisement and you will be good to go.